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S. Shashi Kumar

S. Shashi Kumar is the founder and the President of Global Human Rights Federation or well known as GHRF in Malaysia. Before the establishment of GHRF, Mr. Shashi, who strongly believes in upholding human rights, solely worked with a small but dedicated team of people in fighting matters concerning human rights violations of minority groups who have been deprived of their rights.

 GHRF is distinctive from other human rights bodies in Malaysia as we have been actively moving on the ground, lodging mass police reports throughout the nation, handing over memorandums, filing court cases, making press statements and attending press conferences. All of these are part of our struggle and determination to fight racism, supremacist policies, religious persecution, double standard law enforcement policies, discrimination and oppression towards the minority groups.

 GHRF was formed by concerned citizens of Malaysia who have aggressively and vigorously stood up and fought for various issues relating to ethnic, linguistic, racial and religious minorities in our struggle. We have been observing for decades now on the rampant and systemic violations of human rights in Malaysia which have remained unabated since the issues are ignored and not taken seriously.

 We at GHRF are unstoppable, bold and vocal when it comes to violation of human rights and we strongly believe in upholding human rights values and dignity in accordance with Parliamentary democracy, Constitution and social justice without compromise to human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 and UN Declaration on Rights of Minorities (1992).

 We welcome you to support and stand with us in our journey to uphold human rights fundamental values.

S. Shashi Kumar


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Tan Boon Tak

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Anbalagan P. Subramaniam

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