Global Human Rights Federation (GHRF) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. GHRF was founded by 

S. Shashi Kumar on July 2021.

Before the establishment of GHRF, Mr. Shashi, who strongly believes in upholding Human Rights, solely worked with a team of small and dedicated group of people in fighting matters concerning human rights violations towards minority groups, where these minority groups have been deprived of their rights.

GHRF is distinctive from other human rights organizations here in Malaysia as we have been actively involved in press statements, press conferences, mass police reports and court cases in our struggle to fight against racism, supremacist policies, religious persecution, double standard law enforcement, discrimination and oppression towards the minority groups.

GHRF focuses specifically on protecting human rights violations relating to ethnic, linguistic, race and religious minorities, which have continued to be unabated over a long period of time.

GHRF is to form a well-structured international platform to inform, influence and formally request assistance from established human rights organizations and authorities worldwide.

GHRF believes all people must be treated fairly, equally with dignity and respect in all aspects and in accordance with the principles of Parliamentary democracy, Constitution and the social justice without compromise to human rights and Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 and UN declaration on Rights of Minorities (1992).  


Our Mission

GHRF shall monitor human rights violations and utilizes collected information to advocate and influence changes in laws, policymaking and bring awareness to different stakeholders with the aim to end human rights violations and injustices.

GHRF shall actively promote human rights values, create awareness, educate, uphold justice, human dignity and defend the welfare of all people, irrespective of race and religion through human rights struggle, especially the minority groups.

GHRF shall recognize and protect cultural preservation, historical civilization and inherited natural heritage.

GHRF shall recognize religious freedom as a fundamental right and shall protect the freedom of religion from being threatened by repressive and discriminatory laws and acts. 

Our Vision

1) To spearhead sincere and relentless struggle to uphold Malaysian Constitution, Principles of Rukun Negara, Parliamentary Democracy, Rule of Law, Equality and exercising unity in diversity.

2) To represent marginalized communities who have no credible voice and representation in Parliament or government.

3) To maintain racial unity and create united, peaceful, harmonious and prosperous society.